Mentorship and Community

At Mirror ICU we help community builders strengthen real human connections, by providing them a mentor and community management platform.  We enable them to create truly personalized value for members while maximizing mentors’ impact and harnessing the power of community to propel each and every person in their community to shoot for the moon and beyon.

Mentorship and

Rethink how your community works, for you and your members.

At Mirror ICU we help community builders strengthen real human connections.
By providing them a mentor and community management platform alongside a new paradigm centered on members’ goals.
We enable them to create truly personalized values for members, maximize mentors’ impact and harness the power of community to propel each and every person in it to shoot for the moon and beyond.

Why are Personal Goals the future of Community?

Start Measuring Value

We need to hold ourselves accountable. It's not only about the number of people at our events, it's really the quality of connections we create.

Accomplishing Together

As community builders, you push behind the scenes to help make things work for everybody. How satisfying is it to see in real-time how your network becomes a community of people that are reaching their goals.

OKRs Enable Moon-Shoots

OKR's are Googles' internal performance methodology. We've learned from the best how to empower smart people to help each other and strive to reach higher than they ever thought the could.

Pulsing screen

Members Real Needs

We try anticipating our community's needs, but no two members are alike. So let them share their needs and aspirations, you'd be amazed how you and the community can help. ​

Keeping the Pulse

Pulsing is our way to reflect on our goals while keeping a connection between mentors and mentorees. A simple screen that helps us keep connected to our goal on a weekly/daily bases. (you can see it here to the left.)

The 360° Approach

A healthy community is about real human connections that support us in 360°. I'm a Developer, Dad, aspiring Cyclist and more, why limit the community to see me as a narrow version of myself?

What are OKRs

OKRs are a goal-setting methodology popularised by Google. They are based on defining Objective, high-level goals, and breaking them down to Key Results -measurable goals we aim to achieve in 90 days. OKRs are meant to be shared, creating alinement and fostering community.
This short TED talk by John Doerr is a great place to start understanding the magic of this simple idea. More soon to come in our blog.   

Three Steps To The Community/Personal Growth Loop

Set OKRs
Goal setting methodology

We start off with a workshop, teaching your community the OKR methodology.
If you are not familiar with it please visit this great TEDtalk.
Then community members are invited to open Mirror ICU profiles and invite their mentors to help them achieve their goals.

Pules Weekly/Daily
Keep track

Writing goals is easy, keeping track and staying on them for long periods of time is hard. That's why we introduced "Pulsing" a short self-reflection in which you ask yourself "how do I feel" about this goal.
There really couldn't be an easier way to stay connected with what matters to you.

Mentor/Community Accountability

The secret sauce in Mirror is ICU, the human connection which makes everything work. When you know that it's not an algorithm or a bot, but a real human which is rooting for you, then that little ping your phone makes gets a whole new meaning. One that will help you strive to be the best version of yourself.

From manager to community hero,
within your current systems

We believe that the future is in communities. We define them as: Real people that know and care about each other, that share common values and are looking to be significant in the lives of others. Mirror ICU was created to use the power digital technology to deepen and strengthen those connections.
If you share our beliefs, please reach out and bring Mirror ICU to your community.